About Sangeet Vilas

In 1950, the legendary Punjab Gharana exponent, Acharya Ji Lachman Singh Seen of Jalandhar, India, founded Sangeed Vilas. From its inception, Sangeet Vilas has earned the reputation of one of the world’s leading classical music schools, paving the way for nothing short of excellence, and aspiring for the continuation of traditional Indian culture. Sangeet Vilas is dedicated to the preservation, sustenance and brilliance of Indian classical music.

In 1984, Sangeet Vilas graced the United States by the renowed Guru Ji Kinaar Kumar Seen who established a School in New York. With humble beginnings, Guru Ji Kinaar went from fifty students to hundreds of students from all over the world. The students at Sangeet Vilas are a melting pot of various cultures, all-endeavoring to learn the language of Indian music. Guru Ji kinaar conducts his class with austerity, respect, discipline, and most importantly, withing the time-honored guidance that Indian Classical Music has to offer. under the guidance of Guru Ji Kinaar, Sangeet Vilas has produced leading youths in communities all over New York and the tri-state area. Accordingly, students from Sangeet Vilas have proven to be growing pillars in their communities.

Sangeet Vilas is not only limited to India and New York, this school has reached branches in Europe, the Caribbean, South Africa, and an endeavoring branch in Central Florida. Thereby giving truth to its reputation – steadfastness in the preservation of Indian classical music.

Sangeet Vilas has continued to be a school devoted to the traditions, customs and beauty of Indian culture and Indian classical music. Sangeet Vilas is lost in music.

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